10-day Vipassana Courses in Montana

Sign-up Form

If you would like to be contacted if and when a 10-day Vipassana course is offered in Montana, please fill out this form. Generating this contact list will be helpful in our efforts to get the word out if we do indeed offer a 10-day course in the future. 

Past Courses

We have had several 10-day courses in the 1990s and four 10-day courses in the summers between 2002-2005, however we currently are not organizing courses until we have a suitable location and sufficient help in organizing a course by those who have completed at least one 10-day course as taught by S.N. Goenka and his assistant teachers. 

Other Locations

The closest Vipassana center to Montana is in Washington state at Dhamma Kunja, the Northwest Vipassana Center. It is a beautiful center offering courses every month. Many other centers and non-center locations and their course schedules can be found at www.dhamma.org
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